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Another one from Surrey


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HI All, 

New to the forum, but been into BBQ's since the late 70's. and have been cold smoking Salmon and Trout for the last 10 or so years (I’m an avid game fisherman and it was getting expensive paying other people to smoke them for me)

I use a large ProQ and an Amazon "EXTRA LARGE BOX FISH AND MEAT BBQ COLD OR HOT FOOD SMOKER COOKER"  which to be honest isn't that great but after a few mod's, primarily the addition of lots of aluminium tape to seal the leaks, does the job. 

Two other tips I'll give which I’m sure must have been mentioned before, when using the smoker I always place a few sheets of kitchen paper on the top shelf, which the fish on the shelves below to catch any oily condensation drips. and finally the best bit of advice I was ever given..... Microwave the dust/pellets before you start to dry them out and I promise you'll never have another case of premature extinguishation!

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