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Leftovers by design

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1 hour ago, AdamG said:

I need to get a vacuum sealer for my leftovers👍

With the price of food now a days it's almost a must. Also, for me it's only me and the old lady and we're both old. I like to smoke stuff but most good stuff to smoke is like lbs of meat. We can't eat that much before it goes bad. I tend to make 3 times as much as I need and freeze 2/3rds

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6 hours ago, negolien said:

I also do more than I need I purchased a vacuum sealer for bags and it's saved me a ton of money

My vacuum sealers are probably one of the most used tools in my kitchen. I mostly use them commercially but like you, I also use them to save/freeze leftover food. They are also good when applying overnight rubs and also when cooking sous vide.

Among the main advantages of vac packing food for the frezer

  • It reduces the air (oxygen) around the food and so reduces the rate of spoilage
  • It prevents the loss of water through evapouration (especially when in the freezer) and prevents freezer burn
  • It allows you to pack and freeze liquids (soups, sauces, marinades etc.) flat in bags which will then stack more efficiently in the freezer
  • Split up large bulk packs of food (e.g. chicken pieces, sausages etc.) into portion size quanties before freezing

If you can stretch to a chamber vacuum sealer then that is great however there are some really good side-suck ones available now for around £100


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@AdamG was just going to post this to you but mgmt has decided she won't share......my version/attempt at buffalo dip. Skinless, boneless chicken thighs, lemon pepper rub smoked over oak to 74c, rested, cream cheese softened on bbq to get some smoke then mixed/ melted with afterburn cheddar with chillies, sour cream, more of the rub & Frank's hot wings sauce, chicken chopped, added to cheese & served with wholemeal wraps warmed in microwave. A bit beige looking but damn tasty.....


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Receipe :huh:8 skinless bonelss chicken thighs

280g cream cheese, used full fat philadelphia 

300ml sour cream

100g ish of afterburn cheese (cheddar with chillies) supermarkets offer a similar product to you taste

Frank's Hot wings sauce

Angus & Oink lemon pepper rub

Used a mixture of lump, briquettes & Webers new coconut briquettes, for the smoke, oak. Coat chicken with rub, then get colour on chicken, pull off at 74c & rest. Then in suitable tray soften cream cheese indirect also takes on some smoke, I did mine in original container in small roasting tray, transfer to container you are happy to use on bbq, add cheddar to cream cheese , I broke mine up, add sour cream, added m rub & Frank's hot wings sauce, let cheddar melt indirect, taste add more rub or sauce as per your taste, once dip is smooth, shred/dice/chop up chicken & add to dip, when at  temperature you are happy to eat at serve. We use wholegrain flat breads as had them but have also "coined" a baguette & toasted that to scoop dip.  Original inspiration for this from Chuds bbq on you tube. 

Might have cold with home made guacamole in a wrap for lunch, along with home pickled carrots, jalapeño & courgette 

You can change the cheese up, would work with blue cheese but mgmt not keen on blue cheese.

Used about half a bottle of Frank's hot wings sauce but done in stages & taste tested till mgmt happy with heat level.

Be interested in what you think, took almost as so to type this as the cook

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