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Beer can chicken


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Used new set up from cast iron grates that lets you put chicken lower down under grate so fits easier. Cherry smoked. Just some oregano pepper a little salt. No brine. Delicious. Using all the left overs and carcass to make stock tomorrow for soup.





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All the carcass and wings and bones go in the Indra pot to make a stock. Smells so good then all the recovered meat from the legs are made into a soup with the left over gravy from the chicken juices yesterday the mashed swede and carrot. Wonderfully good. 

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16 hours ago, AdamG said:

Im gonna have to try homemade stock sometime, I have seen you do it a couple of times in the past👍

Whats your method?

Instant Pot or a like pressure cooker carcass, bones wings and water bay leaf under pressure for 90 mins. 

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2 hours ago, pittmab said:

Those gates look very cool 😎 and nice looking birds!

Have to say, I've done a few "beer can" chickens and can't say I notice any real difference/improvement. Do you find you do?

More juicy bit and  biteability and Smokey. If I do it in a bag in oven then that is also juicy but less biteability as it falls apart but more. Fine lines but different. Also depends on what beer and smoke used. Choices.   I did use a fresh chicken too not frozen. From nice butchers 

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