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It's been a while!

The Bandit

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Hey there, hope everyone is doing ok.

I've not been here in quite a while, life got in the way.

I joined in 2020 as we (hubby and I) wanted to cure and smoke our own bacon. Over the winter of 20-21 we produced 3 pieces of bacon and were very pleased with the results, but the warmer weather arrived and we gave it up for the summer. Our bbq went haywire and we didn't get a new one for a while so no bbq'ing either.

Our intention was to make some more bacon over the colder period of 21-22 but unfortunately I was diagnosed with a serious health issue in October 21. The upshot of this was I've had a lot of treatments of various kinds which made just getting through the days, weeks and months enough of a challenge for us. I'm now out the other side and it's time to make the most of the colder conditions to give it another go.

I do have one question before we get going. Wade kindly sent me a Woodchurch bacon curing kit which we used for our bacon. It was opened in 2020, we still have enough left to use for a few more cures. I can't find any use by date on it so want to make sure it will still be ok to use? 


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Hi and Welcome back. 

I'm glad that you are on the mend. Unfortunately I can't answer your question about the cure. But I'd guess that since it cures/preserves that it might be ok, especially if it is heavy in the sodium chloride but I'll let someone more wise answer. 

I've still not done my own bacon, but hoping to do some this year. 

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From the website it looks as though the cure and seasoning contain salt, sodium nitrite, sugar and lemon pepper.  I can't see that's likely to have degraded much.  The pepper might not be quite as zingy as it once was, but otherwise I think it should be fine.


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