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  1. Whoop! Whoop! Thread resurrection alert! I'm using a (new) M4Y electric slicer which I suspect is sold under many other names on the usual websites, I paid just under £100. The problem I'm having seems to be a common one, it doesn't cut all the way through and stays joined at the tail. The block of uncut meat also sticks to the face of the blade and is either flipped out onto the worktop or loops 180 degrees and comes back at me. I've tried cutting at 3, 3 1/2 and 4. I've left the meat in the freezer until very firm too. I wondered if the blade was sharp* but proved it was after cleaning by slicing my thumb open. Where am I going wrong? * How do you sharpen a circular blade?
  2. Five days ago I hung several pieces of belly and loin to dry after curing. In the past I've tried different methods after curing including 1) just patting them dry then hanging, 2) rinsing and drying then hanging and 3) rinsing/soaking and then drying 3) After soaking I found the bacon pretty bland and felt I'd washed off the flavour. 2) After rinsing and drying it was okay but could perhaps have a little more taste. 1) The bacon which had only been patted dry of course had more flavour so I went with that again this time but two or three pieces aren't drying in the fridge (at 2C). Have I left too much salt on and is it still drawing moisture out from the meat?
  3. I cleaned it out and reloaded. Also ran a strip of foil around the vertical mesh to stop it bridging and an hour or so in it seems to have worked, it's following the coil properly and therefore burning slower. I'll pop it in the fridge tomorrow and go looking for different dust for my next batch.
  4. Ahaaaa! The thot plickens. It seems that the smoulder is making its way through the mesh. Either the mesh is too large or the dust too fine (and I lied by the way, I don't have a ProQ maze, no idea why I thought I do). Looks like I need different dust, a different maze or both. Thanks for the help markie.
  5. I was really careful about that, made sure the metal was showing all the way round but I might have jogged it afterward I suppose. I'll also check the matrix for holes. Well, holes other than those in the mesh, and see if it might have burned through another way. Temperature has just dropped to 14 C here, I may as well put a flitch in with the smoke and see if I can get something out of it. No point wasting smoke!
  6. Thanks Markie, it's a ProQ. Should I be tamping the dust down to make it more dense? Not sure that would slow it down by six hours though? I'm just about to try another burn, will see if my efforts thus far make any difference. Stand by...........................
  7. Moved to 'Bacon' section.
  8. I've a ProQ Frontier that I plan to use for cold smoking. I ran a trial burn of oak dust and it was gone in less than two hours, all vents and doors and doors were closed so clearly too much air is getting in. I have put 3mm fire door rope on the doors and in the joins between the base, two cylindrical sections and lid. I've not run it a second time yet but I also want to seal around the three inlets and the outlet. That'll be tricky I know but if successful it would give me full control over the airflow, I'll also have to drill out the rivets that hold these on and substitute nuts and bolts. Am I overthinking this? Has anyone else had a similar problem and if so what materials did you use (the 3mm rope is more like 5mm and too thick really).
  9. Thanks smash, I'll take a look.
  10. For convenience I've decided to replace my old faithful gas barbecue that I shipped back from Australia 12 years ago with another gas unit (I've just acquired a ProQ Frontier for hot and cold smoking) and have my eye on the 4-burner Genesis II. Being as tight as a Tel Aviv housewife on a budget I thought I'd wait for the autumn sales but here we are at the end of September and no sign of such a thing happening. Has the boom in barbecue and garden related stuff put an end to such things? Question 2 in the pub quiz, should I be looking at any other (gas) units other than Weber?
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