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Weber Pizza Stone


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You don't say if you are using a WSM or Kettle BBQ. Or if a fully sized stone or part size that sits on the Grill?

I have a ProQ and at first I struggled as the pizza base would cook much quicker than the topping, as the heat in the air above the stone (usually around 300-325F) was considerably cooler than my full sized stone which heated up to 450F and I was ending up with a burnt base and cheese that hadn't fully melted

What I do now and have had much more success in producing an even cook is using one of these on top of the stone as well as fully heated coals beneath it, I put about 7-8 white hot briquettes in the basket. The temperature above and below the stone usually ranges between  425-450F now using this method as the basket heats the air up above the stone as well and works for me. Outside temperature at this time of year may require more coals in the basket?


As well as heating underneath it equalises the temperature much better on the top of the stone and produces a much more evenly cooked pizza. Works well on my PRoQ and see no reason why it wouldn't work on a Weber Kettle or WSM as well.

They recommend up to 450-500F for Pizza but it is very hard on a device that wasn't really designed to cook pizzas, to get that temperature. Getting the stone too at least 425F will produce a pretty decent pizza though I think, if the air above it matches that as well

You may find your own success, without needing one of these. But if you decide you want some you can get them from Amazon or Ebay

Good luck and home cooked Pizza is delicious.

p.s. Make your own base from the ready mix dough's you can get from the supermarket, rather than the pre-made bases you can buy. They cook awful on the stones, I've found


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On 1/3/2019 at 8:50 AM, Simon said:

I have a Weber kettle. Thanks for the information. Really helpful. 

You're welcome, never cooked a pizza on a kettle and it may well be that the air above the stone will be hot enough to melt the cheese as it has a lot less volume than the ProQ I use. But keep the baskets in mind if it doesn't that I mentioned. As they are meant to be very useful if you want to smoke lo&slo  using the indirect method on the kettle BBQ's as well. So you wouldn't just need them for pizzas making them more cost effective for you.

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