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  1. Yes mate, that was my concern but then it’s quite a thick piece. Will post a pic later. Maybe an eq cure is the way to go?
  2. Steve Harford

    Gammon cure

    Hi all I’ve just picked up a side of pork from a proper free range bacon pig. Separated into belly and back and bones out. Now at the end of the loin is a nice meaty piece which the butcher pointed out as ‘a nice gammon’. I liked the sound of that so he cut it off to be treated separately to the bacon. I’m assuming I wet brine it as you would a normal ham? Then I plan to do boiling bacon with it. As I am going away for 2 weeks this Friday, can I wet brine it and leave it for what will effectively be 3 weeks before drying off. My concern is that i won’t be there to stir up the brine occasionally. The other option is that I freeze it until after the holiday. Either way, a pointer to a suitable brine would be much appreciated. Many thanks
  3. No Justin. Why would I do that mate? Completely unnecessary. I’m making bacon. English breakfast bacon.
  4. The portable digital temp gauge reads 3degC inside and just before I close the door it o my gets up to about 5. The curing is done fully vac packed. After washing off it is patted dry with kitchen towel and hung inside the fridge I did notice a small amount of moisture on the meat surface when I checked it. This makes me think it’s a humidity problem. But I’m doing nothing different to that which I’ve always done, except that it’s a different fridge. I will double check the temp with my thermapen.
  5. No Justin. I never normally have to do that.
  6. Interestingly, I have just done another batch where, due to being hospitalised, the cured loins were left in the fridge for 3 days. When I went to smoke them this morning I noticed some furry bits on one of them. This indicates, to me, that there is too high a humidity in the fridge. This is with a new fridge but never happened in the old one even for several weeks of being sat there. I can’t see how the air circulation can be any different. In fact this fridge is bigger so it should be better. I’ve even turned the stat down to 3 dog so it’s not temperature.
  7. Thank you Wade. The meat was in the fridge between smoking, which was 3 full CSGs in total. I do it overnight then bring it into the fridge during the day but I’m wondering from what you have said, that the air was too damp as it was rainy. Next time, I will hold the flaps open the whole time to get better circulation. I’ve previously tied it all up right from the very start with no problem. A waste of a good piece of meat but a lesson learnt.
  8. Steve Harford

    Furry collar

    Just about to start slicing some cured and smoked loins and a collar and surprised and disappointed to see that the inside of the collar is furry. Never had this happen before so I thought I would ask for advice here before I throw it. I’ve sliced off the ‘ solid’ end and that’s fine and tastes as it should. I did my usual 3% Lucas curing salt with 0.4g sugar and was careful ( I thought) to rub it well in to the inner part. This was then vac packed and left in the fridge for 2 weeks followed by 2 days pellicle forming, then 52hrs total smoke. Since then it has been hanging in the fridge. The temperature of the fridge was at 4C at all times. As you can see it has a grey/green colour to the inner surface which was slightly furry when first inspected. My first thought was that the I hadn’t been thorough enough with curing it but surely it would smell off if that was the case? Since starting to write this I have chosen to bin it.
  9. Thank you Wade. As expected, a very well put explanation and confirmation of my concerns. I’m surprised that This is sold from such an outlet when there are so many others suppliers who could provide them with a safer product.
  10. Hi all I thought I would bump this conversation as i was just about to order some smoking dust from HotsmokedUk when I thought I’d check out the cost of their Supracure and was astonished to see their recommendation of 6% of meat weight. Surely this is too high based on the above discussion and would result in a very salty bacon? Also how does their brine solution recommendation look? I assume they mean per litre?
  11. Oh yes. Sechaun pepper ! I forgot about that one. I always dry fry it before grinding now. Much easier.
  12. Justin, they are ok. I use one for small quantities but if making up a decent amount of rub then a grinder saves a lot of work. Especially with peppercorns which otherwise have a tendency to fly all over the kitchen. Also with coriander seeds a mortar and pestle doesn’t pulverise those pesky husks like a grinder does.
  13. Hi Wade. Well. I only got around to slicing it today. But. Completely different to my normal efforts. Evidently I’ve achieved a much higher weight loss than usual judging by the more oily finish. Also it was a hell of a lot stiffer but not dry. The finished product was very moist and the flavour far more intensified than what I normally get, but in a good way - I like to taste my smoked salmon. Having doubled my normal smoke time to 24 hrs I was surprised to find that it wasn’t overpowering, even having used a mix of oak and hickory. So overall it’s a thumbs up from me, in fact it is my best ever! The only downside would be presentation. I can usually slice pretty neatly but this one decided it wanted to break up from about half way down each slice. As you may be able to see in the pic. I will definitely be doing more in this way though
  14. Just completed following your method above Wade. I’ve always shied away from smoking in ‘warmer’ Weather but I’ve just averaged 22C in my cold smoker and the result is amazing. Obviously the water loss is significant. I didn’t do a weigh in as it was just an off the cuff cure and smoke but based on your method. Final result? Stiff as a board. I’ve always thought this is how it should be but never attained it before. Very pleased ! Now in the fridge awaiting its first tasting. Many thanks ??
  15. That’s great mate. Many thanks. I prefer to hang rather than sit directly on the bars. Thanks for the tip ??
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