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Found 10 results

  1. Smoked Salmon and Trout is one of the products that I produce in reasonable quantity in the Smokery. It has a fairly short shelf life (~10 days in the fridge) ans do must be produced on a regular basis. Smoked salmon can be frozen for longer storage but does eventually start to lose some of its texture whilst frozen. I regularly get texts from local fishermen at the end of a weekend asking if I will smoke their catch for them. The smoking process takes about 2 days in total and turns the results of their day of sport into something very special to eat. Making "traditional" smoked salmon
  2. Hi all, Happy new Year. I thought I'd share my Christmas Eve cook. I would've shared earlier but I ended up in Hospital again with another bloody abscess. 😷 Brined Salmon overnight in a mix of 500g Light Brown Sugar and 320g Coarse Salt. (Just one bag/tub of each) Left it in the fridge for a few hours after washing and drying on rack. It was firm throughout, though a wee bit closer to bottom could've been brined more. Pigs in blankets, homemade wrapped supermarket sausage and bacon. made about 100 between these in smoker and rest in oven. All had a Maple (2 Parts) Bourbon (1 P
  3. I've got a side of Salmon I need to cold smoke this weekend. With daytime temps predicted to be around 30C not the best time to do it! So I plan to use my Callow with the water tray full of Ice( should i add salt?), rather than much much larger cold smoking cabinet. then start it off around 6pm and then Smoke through the night. using a big Pro Q generator. Should I also be adding wet towels and any other tips, also as it will still be warm at 6pm is this the best time to start? would say midnight to mid-day be better? TIA Martin
  4. Just a quick heads up, Morrisons will be stocking whole salmon at £5 a kilo over the easter period, as ever I'm sure it'll sell out quickly.
  5. Here is a great video that H Forman has produced showing some of the steps they use in making large quantities of smoked salmon. My smoked salmon process is based on their production method.
  6. If any of you are near Faversham, Kent this weekend then why not come along to the Brogdale Cider Festival and say hi at the Woodchurch Smokery stand. I will also be doing 4 sessions in their demonstration kitchen over the weekend - including Fattys, ribs, and bacon and salmon curing.
  7. Today ADSA has reduced their whole salmon to only £5.50 /Kg. Very fresh and excellent value. Not sure how long the offer is on for but it may be for a while.
  8. Dry cured and cold smoked salmon,cold smoked cheese. in this video I dry cure a side of salmon with 50/50 salt and brown sugar cure, then cold smoke with silver bunch smoke. I also smoke mild cheddar and mozzarella. I take a look at some of the kit and techniques of cold smoking and cold smoke generators.
  9. Whole Salmon now at £7 per kilo. They don't have it every day at the moment but if you don't see it ask as they sometimes have it out the back. ASDA salmon is the freshest salmon I have seen from any supermarket - bright clear eyes and deep red gills.
  10. Smoked Salmon and Trout is one of the products that I produce in reasonable quantity in the Smokery. I regularly get a text from local fishermen at the end of a weekend asking if I will smoke their catch for them. Making "traditional" smoked trout is quite straightforward and can be easily done in a home smoker. Bullet smokers are ideal for cold smoking multiple fish however individual fish can be smoked quite easily in most kettle BBQs. What is "traditional" smoked salmon? It is where the salmon is preserved in times of plenty for eating later when food is scarce using of salt
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