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Forum members in the Scotland to chat to one and other, recommend good butchers, charcoal suppliers even BBQ Restaurants.
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  2. Does the pellet affect the texture of the meat? what if we use coconut charcoal Briquettes?
  3. Member 1 Posted 5 minutes ago Hey guys ive been getting into smoking meats for the past half a year or so. I bought a Pellet smoker (GMG Daniel Boone) and the thing is great. So far ive done pork ribs, beef short ribs , Pichania , pulled pork shoulder and whole chicken. Ive never done a whole brisket yet (just a flat) which came out okay but not as tender or moist as i would like. Thought i would show you guys the buthcher i use up in scotland. Their a bit pricey but have a good BBQ selection. Check them out and please post which butchers you guys use and recommend. https://www.johndavidsons.com/pitmaster-bbq
  4. Hi all, just joined the forum and this group. Looking forward to chatting with you all. regards Zanderb
  5. Hi John, I am not aware of any competitions in Scotland, could be wrong. Could always have a look on KCBS Website
  6. Hi, I a very new to smoking and was looking for Local BBQ competitions or events in Scotland that I can go and see. Thank you John
  7. Cheers, I like the idea of regional groups especially if more members join.
  8. Welcome to the Scottish Group @hoogl
  9. Can I extend a warm welcome to all new members of the North Scotland Group. This is your Group to Chat, Post and Highlight local happenings in the Scottish Region. We would be looking for a Local person to run this Group, so if your up for it, give me a shout!

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