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  1. I maaged to get an empty bottle from someone and exchange it for a full one. Only 5Kg but will do. Was thinking of flowgas if all else failed. Thanks.
  2. You can always use the ANOVA website for times and Temp of food, even if you don't have an ANOVA Sous Vide.
  3. Well just got a new BBQ, Weber Spirit Original 320. Don't have a patio gas bottle so can't get gas. Might be lucky around January I am told.
  4. Hi everyone. Well early heatwave and lockdown has me doing the garden up. We don't always have good wether here in Fife but I have decided it would be goo dto be able to do a bit of BBQing when weather is good. I don't have the space to store an expensive BBQ so have decided to homebuild a small one. My main purpose in joining WoodSmoke is to see what others are doing. I don't want to be just a burger and sausage BBQer.
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