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VonShef Cast Iron 3 Piece Skillet Pan Set £15.99 @ Amazon Deal Of The Day


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Was looking for a Dutch Oven and came across this set of 3 skillets for £15.99 delivered if you have Amazon Prime or £4.49 delivery on top if not (may as well add something for £4.01 to take it over the £20 for Free Delivery anyway) if you don't have Prime though iyswim

6, 8, 10 inch cast iron pre seasoned skillets if you like a bit of outdoor fried breakfast, or to use indoors. Not the biggest skillets, but certainly could cook for 2 or 3 people on them and a good price and well reviewed on Amazon. As Deal of The Day would imagine it will expire later today 18/12

Amazon Link



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I always clean mine with hot water, using plastic scraper and  scour pad, no soap ever.  then dry immediately and then sear rapeseed oil all over it, no rust and no stick. Occasionally oiled and in oven at 200c for an hour or two then leave to cool in the oven.

Also i deglaze with ht water  finds helps list residue in pan, anyway never use soap and keep it oiled = no rust. Look after your pan and it will look after you. MY skillet is a uuni one



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