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Smoked Salmon on the WSM second attempt


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After my first effort which  with my bubble wrapped WSM amazingly turned out great despite the WSM internal temp temperature dropping to single figures over night and only up to 14 during the day.  Here goes with the 2nd attempt but this time using  ceramic bulb connected to a thermostat to keep the WSM at 20 degs or so.

First things first.

Sainsburys salmon side, the pack says 750g for 10 quid. I weighed it and it is 770G. Bonus!


I estimate sugar and salt at 50/50 ratio, 56 g of each, mixed up in a bowl. I used chunky slat  and demerera sugar (which has little soft light brown sugar in it (about 10 percent) I like the sticky flavour it gives. Like you get when you put soft dark sugar on your hot porridge and it melts, nice. 


Spread over both sides of the salmon with a higher concentration on the thicker end


On a grill on oven trayand wrap in clingfilm.


In the fridge for 12 - 18 hours. 


My kind of fridge, Bacon  curing, Salmon curing, Coffee beans. Will be filling up with 1.5 kg of cheese  to smoke this weekend too! Fridge will look even better then.

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Thank you.:5980a344e6cd3_ThumbsUp: Good point Wade. Yes I did think that but I do not want too salty a taste (as you now I am rather sensitive to salt in taste, my problem with a to of restaurants is they use far too much salt in their dishes), so I tend to think less fine grain. Personal taste, easier to wash off. I will try that next time and see the difference.


So far it is doing well  so far 18 hour in, I think I will smoke it this afternoon and overnight. After the learning curve of my first effort I am feeling more settled this time round. And the sun is out, will be cold tonight. 





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Laid flat on the top shelf in the wsm with the pro q maze full of hickory dust. Ceramic bulb is in too connected to the elitech digital controller through the window and the probe is through the top vent back through the window to the controller. It is happily fluctuating between 18 and 21.7 degrees as the bulb heats and cools down .  The bubble wrap obvious slows this down as it helps to retain heat.  Yes I know it is crap but it is what i have.  

I could not hang salmon in the wsm as it is not tall enough. 

The wsm is tight on space as it is the small one I have.   I will come up with another solution,  thinking, or maybe buy a roll of bubble wrap....or  nick the bubble wrap for the parcels that keep arriving every day




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