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Cure #1


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I use a chamber vac pack machine which use the non-textured bags, so I will have a larger choice than people using side suck machines. The ones I use are the 25 cm x 20 cm gold backed pouches


With the 20 cm x 16 cm food boards


I find this a good size for most things I sell, including salmon, bacon and sliced meats


I cannot find any gold backed bags that can be used with side suck vacuum machines however the clear ones will be just as effective. 20 cm x 25 cm is not a standard size for the pouches however 20 cm x 30 cm would work just as well and you could cut them down if you felt so inclined. You could even use 20 cm or 25 cm rolls and cut to size.


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They do look great. We do a bit of sous vide so the clear ones are versatile for us.

Because if the amount you need to get into the machine, the 30 X 20 will probably be best still with those 20 X 16 boards. 

Love the look of that bresaola looks great. Not heard of it before. 



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Here is a recent thread where you can see these Bresaola being made. http://www.woodsmokeforum.uk/topic/679-dry-age-bags/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-4020

That thread was actually a trial to investigate the potential for using dry age bags in dry curing pork and beef. In the end they did not work well when used in the fridge however they did appear to be good when used at room temperature. I have almost completed another trial using the dry age bags only drying at room temperature. I will post it up complete when it has finished.

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