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Beef Short Ribs

Smokin Monkey

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Beef Short Ribs.

First try at Beef Short Ribs. Researched on the forum cook @ 105'C (220'F) for approx 7 hours.

Trimmed ribs up, then simple S&P rub.


Set Pit Boss Kamado running on Qmaster-Senior to 105'C with cognac oak barrel wood chips.


Temperature did reach 126'C (260'F) at one point, but these ribs cooked in 4 hours.





Cooked until tender on a toothpick test.

Wrapped in foil, in to a big towel and into Cooler Box to rest and until ready to serve.

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Of course you can smoke for 20 mins then sous vide? It is an option. The broil in oven tray with sauce for 20 mins..pickled thin vegetable batons is a good Korean accompaniment..  pickled in rice wine vinegar for a couple hours. Clean delicious flavours

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I have just marinaded butterflied beef ribs for 4 hours.  I cross hatched shallowly the ribs once butterflied to make more tender. Butterflying: cut partly through meat by bone then again until you end up with 1cm thick steak with rib at one end of course

Korean Beef BBQ Marinade is food processed garlic (4 cloves), 3 spring onions, two pears, (all roughly chopped then finely chopped in processor) then add 500ml water and rice 175ml soy sauce, 75g granulated sugar and 4 tbsp rice wine vinegar. Blitz it up,  then Marinade beef in this in bag or bowl in fridge for 2 to 4 .

Lift butterflied ribs  from liquid and let liquid and solids slide off before grilling

I will grill these tonight on Weber direct high heat for 10 minutes with lid open turning occasionally until nicely charred on both sides and cooked to medium rare/medium. Remove from bbq and sprinkle with sesame seeds.

We will see if they will be tender enough.

Photos to follow

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Cooked for 7 mins  but in I think should be more like 12 mins high heat  direct particularity for the bones.  Weber says 5 mins.....bit chewy but really tender where it was properly charred.  Flavour very nice indeed, Will cook again. Have few chilling right now and they will be in pitta bread for lunch tomorrow

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Yes good point, I used to use lumpwood all the time.  But it was very hot all the same as I had a breeze blowing.    I put spare bits back on for 5 mins and they charred more nicely so that is lunch tomorrow.  Will use lumpwood next time.  

I will get flaken cut next time for this dish too, save the effort on butterflying short ribs.


Live and learn on these dishes. That is the fun of it

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Love the conclusion . Mix them up to benefit from both stability and higher heat. That is definitely sitting on the fence.  Obviously both have pros and cons, and briquettes better for log stability like hot smoking and lumpwood for searing?

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It's all about trying different cuts/ methods. My pork but was lovely but I was put under pressure to get this cooked( I started at 7am) by the wife  who wanted lunch by 2pm. I smoked it over oak for as long as possible but in the end had to finish it in the oven?. Low and low do not compute for my spouse ??

For this reason, it wasn't fall apart  but did have a great flavour and not too overpowering. Curing bacon at the moment and hopefully smoking over the bank holiday?

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