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how yer' diddlin!


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Hey all,

Just picked up the link from SMF to this place and thought I'd join up. I've been smoking for about 18 months or so, ever since being tempted by the likes of Slim Pork Chop Express in Liverpool to find our how that delicious burnt end was actually made. 

Que path to Youtube to see how it was (roughly) done the spark caught into a fire. Purchased a Callow upright smoker to learn the basics and, inevitably, shortly thereafter modded and upgraded it to be more stable. Then realised I needed more cooking space so built a FADS (fairly attractive drum smoker) which has served me well the last year. 

Recently picked up a Yoder YS640 for more grill space with the intention of doing some commercial stuff for friends and family. But still learning the ropes on that front therefore happy to keep experimenting on willing participants for the moment!

Anyway look forward to getting to know you lot ?


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Once again welcome Tabs. It’s great to see the crossover with CWS and WoodSmoke. WoodSmokeForum is run in association with CWS and has Marcus full backing. CWS FB is great but information quickly gets lost or pushed down the viewing list. This is where the forum steps up and becomes a go to place for recipes, how to and general smoking matters.

I see you are in the Northwest, would be great to see you at the 1st Northern Tailgate & BBQ Weekend 14th - 16th September ( even as a visitor for the day) http://www.woodsmokeforum.uk/topic/414-1st-northern-tailgate-bbq-weekend/

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Welcome, Tabs...to a wonderful forum full of folks wanting to help newbies like me and Rosie....Our first meeting at Woodsmoke 18 was great to watch these guys working the grills.

Take a look at the link for the 1st Northern Tailgate I sure you'll enjoy it.




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