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Been off line for a while but now I'm back! ?
Lots of changes at home.
The three biggest of which are...

1. A canopy over my patio.
It's pretty huge! 5m x 4m..... so lots of room for smoking and eating under.


2. A new Gasser!!! (Awaits the screams)
It's a 6 burner Outback and I am VERY impressed with it. Even if the weather turns, I can keep going!
With the canopy I have BBQ'd EVERYDAY for two months now, apart from the days I have been smoking ?



3. New Rescue doggos! Maddie And Murphy.
Back in 2016, when we came to the UK Smokers weekend, we had our 11 year old English Bull Terrier Sky, who everyone loved.
We lost her later that year to Kidney Failure. We were devastated.
December last year we adopted two crazy 10 year old crazy Terriers called Maddie And Murphy.



Other than that, I have been cooking, BBQing and smoking as much as possible... even more now with the canopy.
Generally experimenting with food and different ways to cook it all.

Pork Shoulder

Short Beef Ribs


Double Decker... Pork and beef ribs


Always time for a T-Bone



My WSM cover fell to bits. I sent some pics to Weber via Twitter and they sent me a brand new one!!! RESULT!



These things were very interesting (even though they were veggie!)
Halloumi and watermelon skewers with tamarind dip



Playing with the "Black Egg" conversion for fast and hot




My local (2 miles!) butcher is just getting better and better at supplying meat.
Most recently he has been doing me Skirt/Flap steak which I do VERY hot and fast.



Burnt ends...



Still touring in the camper




Using the Cobb for BBQ while we are away in the van.



Become quite a huge Cider fan


As well as cider, I have kind of become addicted to these Padron Peppers, they go with everything!




Breakfast on a regular basis..




Playing with the Rotisserie with a 'Kelly Bab'





You can JUST see the infamous @Wade Pit Beans under there.... still a HUGE fan of the recipe.
Although I do them a lot now, they are never as good as @Wade's


This is me... I am a Muppet. Thanks for making me welcome. ?



oh ...... and yes, I am STILL using the OCD/Hardacre method!!!


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What.... Really NO grief for using a gasser? ?

Very much enjoying the new outdoor space... the only problem I have with the Outback is that I keep running out of gas!
Next time I buy a gasser (which I am guessing is going to be a LONG time away) I am going to go all out and buy a Napoleon that I can link to the house main!
That way I will never have to run out and buy another bottle last min again.

Thanks for the praise folks. Just trying to do lots of different things. :thumb1:

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I bought a gas one about 6 years back but I couldn't get on with it.

A friend of mine is a gas fitter I can remember he had to change the jets in a cooker because they were wrong.  Makes me wonder if it's possible to  change the bbq ?? worth a search??


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12 minutes ago, Icefever said:

I bought a gas one about 6 years back but I couldn't get on with it.

A friend of mine is a gas fitter I can remember he had to change the jets in a cooker because they were wrong.  Makes me wonder if it's possible to  change the bbq ?? worth a search??


Yeah, I did some research and it boils down to that gas bottles are a much higher pressure than mains gas, so you have to have bigger holes in your burners.
Napoleon do them for this purpose but they are not cheap.

Apparently, you CAN just 'drill out' the burners you have... but that sounds WAY too dodgy for me!

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On 7/30/2018 at 1:10 PM, slimjim said:

Ha.... tried a few puds... but this was the first attempt on the Gasser....

Desserts are fun on the BBQ and when you bring them out it usually surprises your guests. I love the tarte tatin - looks great :thumb1:

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