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I'm really pi***d.


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I buy the odd thing off of Amazon,  as I knackered my laptop by being a COG (clumsy old git ) by knocking it over then lost my balance and trod on the screen.  I ordered a new laptop yesterday for delivery today,  it arrived today so I took it out of it's box,  plugged in, and switch it on.  It started to boot, stopped, started reboot, stopped, started reboot, after another 4 or 5 goes I gave up, it's now back in the box, and will be winging it's way back to them tomorrow.

Needless to say I'll never buy anything like a pc from them again.....so I'll have to make do with my phone and tablet until I  can go into Warwick this weekend. ....   ?


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2 hours ago, Wade said:

I can sympathise with you. Having worked in I.T. for the past 25 years I know they can be an absolute pain !!! I hope you get it sorted without too much aggro.

Cheers  Wade,

It's all ready to go back.....I'm not too bad with the old computers I played around with Linux a few years back, I'm thinking of having another try.


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