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Rhubarb wine.

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I noticed, catching up on the old posts a couple of mentions about fruit wine making, and in particular rhubarb.

This is one of our top 3,  in 2017 I made 75 litres, as we have a friend who has a massive rhubarb patch and wants it used.

We went over two weeks back and picked enough to make about 30 litres this year.  It's now chopped into 1" lengths and sat in the freezer ready for this weekend.

I do a frozen recipe, freezing the barb helps to break down the cell structure, then into a bucket and throw in the sugar and leave for 24 hours.

If anyone is interested...I'll post the recipe in full...I'll take a few piccies when  I do it. 


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Wait no longer....yer tis...

OK here goes...

There are two things that you have to know about to make good rhubarb wine:

1) Chop up your rhubarb stalks and freeze them in plastic bags for a few days before you make the wine. I really don't understand why this should make a difference, but it does. If you use fresh rhubarb the wine never comes out as good.

2) You have to have patience. Rhubarb wine can taste uninteresting at eight months and really good at ten months. You have to let it mellow.

3 pounds rhubarb
3 pounds white sugar
1 tsp. yeast nutrient
1-gallon hot water (doesn't have to be boiling)
2 Campden tablets (crushed)
wine yeast


Use frozen cut up rhubarb. Put it in the primary fermentor (a "kitchen-size" clean plastic garbage can work really well) along with the sugar. Cover and let stand for 24 hours. Add the hot water, mix everything together and then strain out the rhubarb. Put the liquid back in the primary fermentor and when it is luke-warm add the rest of the ingredients. Cover and leave it to ferment for three or four days. Then syphon the liquid into gallon jugs with fermentation locks. There will be a fair amount of sediment, so when the wine settles a bit (about a month) you will want to rack it. Be sure to top up the bottles. We bottle ours at about 6 months. This last year I made one batch of straight rhubarb and the other batch was mostly rhubarb with about a pound of green grapes crushed and thrown in as well. Both were entirely drinkable, but the one with the grapes added was definitely better.

Another one we like is banana....I'll post that one as well.


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Looking back over some older thread and came across this...I now have the use of the garden that has the rhubarb patch.  I can't wait to get started again making wines, by the time the rhubarb is ready ...watch this space.


Well got around to pulling the rhubarb ready to start a batch.....


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I've started so I'll finish......(who said that Mastermind)????  any way up......photo one 2.5 kg chopped ready for the freezer. Photo two in the freezer and away we go.

This is only for a gall for now....I'm planning on doing a 25 ltr bucket for the next lot....that should keep us happy for a few months...m0111.gif


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OK....we got back later than I wanted too, so I didn't get it done.  Just managed to throw it together, it's so simple,  take the frozen rhubarb out the freezer, pop it in a sterilized bucket.

Empty 2kg bag of sugar over the barb, snap on a lid and leave for 24/36 hour,  the sugar acts like salt on meat, it draws out all the juice from the rhubarb as it thaws.

Next episode in two days time....same bat time...same bat channel.



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