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Forum Birthday coming up.


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I happened on here via Wade, from a post on a US site,  I'm glad I did.  Taking a look around this morning just before I set off for work, and find out that the forum only started Aug 2017,  nearly one year old.

Boy have I got some reading to do to catch up on   :thumb1: 




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@Wade And myself @Smokin Monkey Had been talking for a few a few years about setting up a dedicated UK Forum.

At last years Smokers Weekend, we decided to take the plunge. The forum was posted up in July, be we had a lot of work to do, getting threads in place etc, before we launched live.

The Forum went live the weekend of August Bank Holiday.

So we might have a pre-birthday drink at this years Smokers Weekend ? ? ? ?

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Steve (@Smokin Monkey) and I have been admins for the UK group on the American site for several years now but we found that the number of folks there from the UK was limited. We therefore decided to try to extend the coverage in the UK by creating this more UK focused forum. We are creating a BBQ/Smoking reference location where people can come and search for information and guidance more relevant to the UK and also pose questions. We also hope that whilst browsing the forum it will encourage people to try something new. As we also cover the subjects of cold smoking, curing and preserving, hopefully one day we can encourage you to also try your hand at making smoked salmon or your own bacon :5980a344e6cd3_ThumbsUp:.

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We would like very much to have a bash at bacon,  pastrami is a must for us both also.  We both enjoy cooking,  we have a sous vide cooker which we do both 12hr & 24hr pork.  We have a meat grinder with the intentions of having a go at the old bangers...someday.   ?.  who knows where this road will take us.:thumb1:

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11 hours ago, Smokin Monkey said:

I am sure there will be some Bacon kits around at the Weekend, and this Corned Beef (which I did @ 2016 weekend) is only one step from Pastrami.

Corned Beeg

That corned beef looks good....looked at a recipe a few years back and it scared the  beegeezzers out of me.  ?

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