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Steak & Mushroom Pie


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Had my first go at Steak & Mushroom Pie outdoors & turned out really tasty.

Used a 21 day dry aged piece of shoulder steak, done lo&slo for 90 minutes on the smoker. then diced and browned it in a dutch oven skillet, then some carrots and shallots in the juices, added the beef broth, seasoned and put the lid on and did that 130 C in the cooker for 4 hours (as lid on dutch oven, no point doing on the pellet grill and wasting pellets for 4 hours).

Fried some bacon & mushroom combined with the meat and veg and poured it into a pie dish and added a pastry lid coated in a egg wash and then did on the smoker for 45 minutes. Will use shop bought puff pastry next time and hopefully get a fluffy pastry. But it tasted really good, slightly smoky steak and pastry add something to the taste.





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