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Smoking Dry Cured Bacon- Couple of questions


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I have just started curing another couple of batches of bacon, some belly and some loin.


I have a ProQ smoker and the cardboard cabinet, as it's quite warm at the moment is it the case I smoke it overnight? I'd worry daytime temperatures are too high to do it safely at the moment.


Also where is the best place to get wood dust for smoking?


Many thanks 😊


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Eddie I've never tried cold smoking  at night, I like to keep my eye on things.  You're are correct about day time temps......I did one time take a load of ice and fill the bowl in my ProQ and smoke cheese,  it worked out ok, but not sure about bacon....I've got 4 slabs of cured bacon in the fridge at the moment but won't be trying any smoking yet,


All the best if you decide to have a go.👍.



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I have smoked salmon overnight often usually when it is cold and i have a ceramic bulb connected to inkbird dialled in to 20c.

I use ever reliable pro q maze.

Dust, loads of options to buy, google. not sure there is a best, some times supply is a bit damp maybe, so microwave first for a min or 2 if concerned, never had that problem myself but then again the dust  I have in  inventory is in garage which has two dehumidifiers in it

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