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Sous Vide Belly Pork ribs


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I am doing belly pork ribs sous vide 68c 24 hours Friday morning hours then on in the kettle grill to smoke and crisp up for 45 mins, glaze  and finish off.  Will be for Sat lunch. At least that is the plan.

Rub ratio before bagging for sous vide

2 salt, 2 smoke paprika, 2 light brown sugar, 1 ground cumin, 1 ground cayenne, 1 ground coriander.


Any tips?


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No pictures. Too busy and family.the pork was 40 hours at 67.5c. I patted it dry and put on direct hot to char. No sauce. Double wrapped and put in cool box for 2 hours. Came out just about fork cut tender. Loose but biteable. Could just about pull out rib bone. Chilli warm but not hot, warm throughout and after. Nice balance on salt and sugar. Not sweet not salty. 

Good practice for a tailgate dish.

Also did fish dish first course. Cod on cedar plank with melted honey and butter on. Topped with pinch of salt pepper rosemary garlic parsley minced and sprinkled on top. Refrigerate first for 30 mins to solidify and then medium low heat 25 mins. Flaky fish. Nice.

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