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Transplanted Texan


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I am original from central Texas and moved to the UK in 2006. I also lived in Glasgow from 1997-98. We became dual UK / US citizens in 2012. I am in the Haslemere area southwest of London.

I was really missing my central Texas BBQ (do make a road trip at some point for some awesome BBQ) so had to start doing my own. Like most folks in central Texas, I have tried all the best purveyors and pits in the area and used to enjoy traveling around with friends and family to try different offerings.

I have two larger Weber Smoky Mountains that I have totally "pimped out". I cook for friends and family and frequently do decent size cooks for my Vets Football Team (soccer) that I play on. I also do some cooks for folks in the areaI have done several larger cooks for 80+ folks and even had Vanessa Redgrave compliment my brisket as I did a "sampler" in our village square with my local village butcher over Xmas a few years ago.

I like to do large smokes once a month and then vacuum seal and freeze. I then use my sous vide to make dinner prep easy during the week. Besides the usual brisket, ribs and chicken I like to do gammon, lamb and pork roasts which when slice, frozen and sous vide are really nice during the week.

I love seeing the passion the folks in the UK have for this type of cooking and have been impressed with the uptake here.

I am also a "sous vide" user and will soon be picking up the new Gozny Dome to do pizza, meat and bread...And I have a Weber gasser that I use on a regualr basis for sausage, burgers, steaks, chops, chicken, etc.

I dig cooking meat.... 🙂

Now if I could get decent TexMex and a margarita I would be in heaven 🙂


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Hi Dave and Welcome to the forum.

Yes I have also eaten some great BBQ in Texas over the years and drank many Margaritas in Texas too. It amazes me that pubs over here have not caught on to having a Margarita slush machine behind the bar in summer. Maybe they have but I just haven't visited them yet 🍹 🍸

It is a great idea to do large smokes and then freeze. You can certainly smoke a LOT of meat in two large WSMs. What do you usually cook and what type of vac packer do you use. 


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I tend to do my smoke/pack/freeze routine about once a month and do a ton of chicken breasts and thighs, lamb, Gammon, pork chops and salmon.

I tend to like to serve the traditional smoked meat (brisket, ribs) on the day along with sauasage and chicken. CLassic four meat platter. 🙂

I just use the Anova Sour vide vacuum sealer due to the size. It works well but I tend to refirgerate the meat so that juice is not an issue as the vacuum sealer does not do well with juicy meat.

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