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  1. Adam, That sounds similar to what I'd be planning to build. Yes, I'm just looking for ideas at the moment. There are plenty to look at on a google image search but I'm hoping here I'll get ideas more suited to the UK, to mini kamados, etc. Keen to know from folks who have already built one, what they like, dislike about their setups. Please share pics of your countertop when it's ready, it sounds good!
  2. Due to our fine Scottish weather, I'm considering building an outdoor kitchen with wheels so that I can move my Lidl Mini Kamado and other grilling accoutrements to follow the sun (or dodge the rain, at least). Curious to see what others have built. I'm not sure what all I'd like to include, so far: Hole cut out or stand for kamado? Bottle opener? Flat space for prep (maybe sink in a cutting board)? A small sink to connect to the garden hose - although I'm not sure I'd have much use for this it could look good! Cool box, or small fridge for beer?
  3. Hello Hoogl Thanks for the tip on John Davidson's, I'll maybe head out that way at the weekend and see what they have on offer. I typically use Morrisons or a local butcher (Tillydrone's Lurch Monster). Before all of this COVID nonsense I was down in Glasgow fairly regularly, visiting Grandmother. Are there any decent BBQ joints popping up in Glasgow? Even tiny Aberdeen has a couple of decent food-truck type offerings now so I'm hoping there are some in Glasgow I can try out??
  4. Hello from Aberdeen. Spent ages 7-19 in Houston so I too miss the Austin area BBQ especially!
  5. Hello all; Just joined after picking up a mini kamado at Lidl for £99. here for tips on best low and slow for brisket, pork, ribs, etc. spent half my life in Texas so hoping to reproduce some of the tasty meats I was used to there. looking forward to improving my skills and stuffing my face! cheers, JB
  6. No worries! Just joined the forum yesterday so I could get advice specific to these smaller kamados. I loaded the bowl about 3/4 full with about half and half charcoal briquettes and lump wood charcoal. Put one lighter cube in and sprinkled some lighter cube broken bits at the edges. I lit it and left the lid open until the cube was gone and I saw a few coals with red embers (10 mins max, I'd say). I have a little homemade heat deflector that raises the grilling surface 4-5". I'll put up a pic of this later - it was really cheap to make and seems to work well. I put the shoulder str
  7. Loving this little toy! Just got one a week ago at Lidl. Yesterday smoked a 4kg pork shoulder over 9 hours and it came out beautifully. Thought the mini may be too small for cuts like this but it did the trick and it was great fun. Got pulled pork for days now.
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