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First Go With The Weber Elevations Tiered Grilling System And Some Lebanese Kebabs On My Smokefire


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Bought the Weber Elevations Tiered Grilling System as I enjoy kebabs/kebobs etc. It was designed for the Spirit and Genesis grills, but fitted my EX4 perfectly and would fit in the EX6 no problems.

First time using it tonight on a breezy dark night, so was difficult to monitor colour of meat during cooking but they turned out pretty well as I cooked them to an IT of 165F, Took about 35-40 minutes at 350F started with 6 but ended up with 4 as 2 fell off the skewers but all part of the learning curve, put them on the skewers either to thick or to much moisture in the mixture, but that'll all come good with practice. Nice to be able to higher and lower them over the grill as needed and to turn them without the skewer spinning but not the meat.

Few photos of kebabs, and grilled Greek flatbreads and Tahini and this accessory for your Smokefire?








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Tried some Top Sirloin and Homemade Chimichurri Kebabs with it today and a Sweetcorn cob

Liking this bit of kit, still new to me and slightly overcooked the top sirloin steak bites, but once again practice makes perfect, worked really well with the Chimichurri, can see me getting a lot of use out of it over the summer, especially using it in daylight, rather than pitch black and just above freezing outside.




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Chicken Shawarma Kebabs

Did these at 375F for 50 mins with the Weber ETGS today after marinating for 6 hours, using chicken thighs , very tasty, might coat the red onion with the marinade next time to protect the ends ones from going to crispy (although I still enjoyed them a little burnt)




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