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Masterbuilt 560


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I know there have been some posts last year on the 560 ....

Be interested to hear of how the 560 has gone, for those that are actually using them.   Been reading up for possible purchase to replace my gas BBQ.

Concern is the report of problems with manifold with firebox being poorly manufactured,  metal bubbles up and starts deteriorating.   Read a response from Masterbuilt that it’s designed to do this ... agree design may mean it happens, but can’t honestly believe any engineer would design steel to erode away.   Are there product improved versions ?

Also heard of WifFi issue and so users in the US have had to swap out to a Fireboard instead.

As posted last year ... UK price seems highly inflated ..... £375 (equiv) becomes £590.   If you consider the £375 price includes standard dealer margin  (at least 40%)  .... just looked at UK dealer price .. they charge £50 for delivery.  

Anyway ignoring excessive pricing .... would like to know how users finding them.)



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As you say the reviews on the 560 aren't the best even after a month or 2 of use in some cases. If your budget stretches to £800 and you want a Masterbuilt the Masterbuilt 800 seems much better reviewed and a better build overall and should be available over here from March 2021. 

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The customer service and excuses for the build of Masterbuilt seem a bit worrying from what I have read mostly from owners in the States.

Always get problems with new models and ideas to the market, but it is how the company deals with any problems, that crop up after release, is just as important as I have found out in the last 12 months. I bough a Weber Smokefire and although it enables me to produce some of the most varied and best food I have ever cooked personally on any grill. It has had it's problems. But Weber have been exemplary in resolving it or replacing parts that were faulty. In the last 12 months they have supplied me with a new augur and pellet ramp (production design faults). Glowplug and Controller Display (Incl PCB  Board) that failed. I would rather of not had the problems, but Weber have been amazing every time, no blaming the customer or looking for excuses. Just send out the replacement parts in 48 hours at no cost to myself and a new control panel doesn't come cheap. From my experience with the Smokefire worth paying the extra from a reputable company whoever that company maybe,  that standby and support their product. Especially when you are parting with a good wedge of your own cash in the first place.

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I heard that there's a new model just being released in the states, that addresses lots of the concerns. New designed switches, porcelain plates, different insulation etc. So would definitely wait if considering one. 

Even with the faults, which seem numerous, the results and use seem very very impressive. Three concept certainly seems like a winner. 






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2 hours ago, markie_q said:

concept certainly seems like a winner. 

It does seem to give benefits of a pellet at significantly lower cost & complexity.plus hugey cheaper to run.

The ability to run as a smoker, or akin to a more traditional BBQ.

Tempting .....

I have a gas BBQ, which is really useful,for quick controllable grilling, but does not get as hot as I want for high temp searing.

Could replace that ...if new model fixes the issues.

I would assume fine control and long burn of my ProQ would still be retained for normal low & slow smoking.

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