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  1. It does seem to give benefits of a pellet at significantly lower cost & complexity.plus hugey cheaper to run. The ability to run as a smoker, or akin to a more traditional BBQ. Tempting ..... I have a gas BBQ, which is really useful,for quick controllable grilling, but does not get as hot as I want for high temp searing. Could replace that ...if new model fixes the issues. I would assume fine control and long burn of my ProQ would still be retained for normal low & slow smoking.
  2. 800 would be too big for me. Maybe Masterbuilt will improve manufacturing .... the disintegrating firebox, and stating it’s design intent is worrying.
  3. I know there have been some posts last year on the 560 .... Be interested to hear of how the 560 has gone, for those that are actually using them. Been reading up for possible purchase to replace my gas BBQ. Concern is the report of problems with manifold with firebox being poorly manufactured, metal bubbles up and starts deteriorating. Read a response from Masterbuilt that it’s designed to do this ... agree design may mean it happens, but can’t honestly believe any engineer would design steel to erode away. Are there product improved versions ? Also heard of WifFi issue and so users in the US have had to swap out to a Fireboard instead. As posted last year ... UK price seems highly inflated ..... £375 (equiv) becomes £590. If you consider the £375 price includes standard dealer margin (at least 40%) .... just looked at UK dealer price .. they charge £50 for delivery. Anyway ignoring excessive pricing .... would like to know how users finding them.)
  4. Update ... I did buy at advertised price, so a good deal.
  5. Preparing Salmon for Xmas. Did the sugar/salt mix .... wrapped in cling film, but got side tracked and left it on for 20 Hrs .... for some reason had 24 Hrs in my head. Should have been around 4 Hrs ...... Is it worth continuing or throw it.
  6. Thnx ..... I'll try some Mozzarella for early use , see what it's like
  7. Smoked plenty of hard cheese, now going to try 'soft cheese; Some Stilton ..... which I guess will smoke same as hard cheese - stand the wedge on a wire rack. Also some Mozzarella, suspend in sring hammock ............. 2 questions on this. # Soft Mozzarella as you know is stored in whey, so after smoking, how do you store it ? I could vac pac ? # How long do you smoke soft cheeses for - I typcially do hard cheese for around 3 Hrs
  8. no doubt built up a lot of experince ...... I only 'play' at this .... using a ProQ Cold smoker box in my ProQ smoker. With that set up would not ex[ect any heat to get near the butter esp if smoked at night - do you think ice still needed. ?
  9. Your vulume of smoking is impressive
  10. OK ... bit longer than I do ..... maybe I'll try 4 Hrs next time. Quick Q ... you ever smoked butter ? .... going to do some this week, wonderring how long, was going to aim ast an Hr ... but you may know what works.
  11. How long do you smoke your cheeses for ?
  12. I now consider myslef eductated on Mozzarella - thank you, I didn't know there were 2 types, we typically buy Galbani product, which is in a little plastic bag of Whey. I'll look for some hard mozzarella and try that
  13. Never bothered, and looks like I won't ..... I just saw a local company showing them for sale, so thought I'd check.
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