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Whole Salmon £5 a kilo at Morrisons


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That is a good price. As a comparison, the last salmon I bought from Billingsgate a couple of weeks ago were £6.50 per kilo - though these were much larger than the supermarket fish (3-4 Kg) and so have less waste when filleted.

Just be careful when selecting the salmon as I have found that the quality/freshness in the different supermarkets can vary considerably. This will depend on how long they take to get through their supply chain and how quickly they sell on the counter. Before you buy make sure that the eyes are still bright and clear and that the gills are still bright red or pink. I have found that ASDA have some of the freshest salmon but I have not bought from Morrisons yet. 

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Morrisons doing side of salmon for £10 all nicely trimmed and filleted, average weight 1kg. Not as cheap as some the whole salmon offers they have at different times of the year. But all the hard work is done for you, this way

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