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Corned beef help.


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Hi all,

Been away for a bit due to moving house/not having internet. So will have to catch back up on the forum. Before that I need some help. I've got some corned beef that was due on the 22nd, turns out that when my wife is now due (she is being induced). 


Because I'll be too busy to smoke on the 22nd (and a few days after) what's my best plan of action? Freeze at the end of curing, or will simply fridging suffice?

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As it will be cured, it can be left in the fridge. Just depends how long it will be stored? With the new arrival you will be busy.

@Wade has guide lines for storing Bacon in two forms, sliced and left whole joint. I can’t remember of the top of my head, but it’s one something like 2 weeks sliced, 6 weeks Whole joint. Just wondering if the same guide line apply to Corned Beef? @Wade?


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If you are dry curing it with a nitrite cure and leaving it whole then you will be OK for up to 6 weeks so long as it is stored at <=4 C. If it is an immersion brine then you only have a couple of weeks until it needs to be cooked.

The safest way is to freeze it. It can then be thawed and smoked and it will still be fine. After it has been cooked it is then OK to freeze it again.

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