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Soy & Oyster Sauce Braised Short-ribs


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Recipe here

Done this recipe a few times now and the flavours, smell and the sauce are amazing, I serve it with just plain buttery mash and garden peas or in tacos and both work equally well.

For the initial searing off the ribs have done it a couple of ways, as per the recipe and smoked them  <225F for 2-3 hours first, then searing them. Both work equally well and you could then finish them off on the smoker if using coal. But as i have a pellet grill and the expense, I finish the braising part in the oven as it is more cost effective.

It is relatively inexpensive, my butcher (as per picture) cuts up a rack of 4 ribs, just under 4kg for me into thirds so I end up with 12 smaller manageable pieces usually costs me around £17 for them and gives me 2 or 3 meals from it.

The only things I do different, is seperate some sauce into a pan once cooked and thicken it, but leave the rest still cooking whilst doing that, rather than letting it cool and reheating it, there is still plenty of sauce left. Also I seperate meat from the bone and fat before putting it onto the plate, were both not keen on beef fat, but obviously if that's your thing then can be left as is.

Never found affordable dried shitake mushrooms, so I leave those out.

Doing this in the week again , so will try and remember to post some pictures.




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