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Bonjour from Bristol


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Hello all

I'm a total newbie to smoking/bbq but as it's my birthday coming up I've dropped a few Pro-Q-ey hints to my wife, and now there's an ominously large new 'table' appeared in the corner of living room, covered with a blanket that I'm not allowed to look under...

Obviously I've looked under it just to make sure she bought the right bit of kit. She has. So now I'm looking forward to a) acting surprised and b) bbq meat experimentation

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Nice one. Look surprised! Lots of fellow ProQ users here & a wealth of knowledge  on too.

Look forwards to some pictures & cooks in time.

What do you plan to cook first? Chicken is always a safe option for your first smoker cook, quite forgiving & cheap so no matter if the meat spoils on your first attempt. I think ProQ even give a recipe in their instruction manual for they used to.

Cheers n Gone Nick 

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Hi & welcome to the forum birthday boy..😉...the ProQ is a good joice, I've had one for nearly 2 years now.  I got her ready yesterday as we're off camping for a long weekend tomorrow.

A spatchcocked chicken is a very easy & forgiving for a first time cook...read up (if you haven't already) on using sand in the tray and not water.



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Hi Edward and welcome to the forum. The ProQ smoker us an excellent place to start. It is versatile and easy to use. Before you use it for the first time look through the site for "Minion" to find out more about how best to control the temperature and you will be set to go.

If you still have any credit available from the Bank of SWMBO you might see it would also stretch to a twin probe digital thermometer... she will enjoy the food you cook even more in the knowledge that you have all the equipment you need 😎

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