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Here we go again....


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Amazing that they can squeeze another big race meeting with over 20000 racegoers expected to attend at Doncaster this weekend before the new rules come into force. They did the same for Cheltenham which was reckoned to contribute to the big surge just before the lockdown started back in March.

What has horse racing got over this government, they can implement lockdowns form other countries in 48 hours, but takes nearly a week when it is done internally?

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In a word sotv MONEY which equals power in our crooked society.

Horseracing is not a Sport, you can't just do it like you can Golf.

It's Money and criminals and money laundering etc.

They call it a Sport because you have to pay tax on a sport.

If Darts was classed as a past time a certain Mr Taylor would be

owed millions in back tax, so it's a sport.

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