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Have You Got A Favourite Piece OF Cast iron That You Cook With Regularly?


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I know a few of us on here have cast iron cookware we use, was wondering if you have a go to piece of cast iron that use more than any other.

For me I originally though it would be a dutch oven (pretty redundant now) that I would use more than anything, when starting out. But have found the Combo Cooker set I bought is my go to for cooking on the grill and indoors, for its versatility. Although this could be called a Dutch oven it is a much more manageable and practical size for my needs that the 5L+ Quart sized one I have also


The bottom skillet is great for one pot dishes, frying and baking as it has a good bit of depth to it the and the top one works great as a lid or a shallow skillet for frying also.

Always looking for cast iron ideas to buy in the future, so hoping to see a few other recommendations to consider in the future.


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Got an UNO Casa cast iron Dutch Oven. Brought it for when me and the family go camping, and got to use it a couple of times so far at home. Really great but if kit. I brought a cast iron skillet a couple of years ago now and have used that pretty often. Made chicken fajitas last night on it, another big of kit well worth the price. 
Sorry. No pics of the meal last night, I’ve been pretty slack this year. 

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