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Hi All


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Hi everyone, I’m Gaz, I now live in Somerset. 
I have a Weber Original Kettle 22” and a 22” WSM. 

Not great on forums so it will probably take me a while to work my way through it, I’m sure there’s a buy and sell page but yet to find it, I am a member of 2 other forums so will get by eventually. 
Fairly new to proper BBQing, I used to just light 3 chimneys and cook on an inferno, not very good really. I took an interest in BBQ and started watching a few YouTube videos and started to put a kit together. 
I have been smoking on my kettle for the past year or so but finally took the plunge last week and bought a WSM, first cook is going on tomorrow, I can’t wait, I have heard so many good things about them and seemed good value. 
Like any good hobby, I end up investing a fair few quid, I’m after a charcoal grate for my WSM as I hear using 2 prevents you loosing too many small coals so I am on the look out for one of those. 
I have just bought an iGrill 2, but awaiting delivery and I have spent a small fortune on BBQ seasonings during lockdown. 
Look forward to hearing new ideas and I’m sure I’ll end up modding my WSM, my current “mod” is a pair of welding gloves to alter the vents! I have sealed it up with BBQ grill tape, I’ve applied around the rubbish door and under the lid, I thought I was better off doing it from new before the grease builds up. 
I think it’s inevitable that I will get a new door. 
I’ve attached a couple of photos of me looking proud with my kit and another of my seasoning collection. 

One photo has flipped and as per usual I can’t fix it sorry, technophobe......

Cheers all




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Welcome, ideas and tips abound just try what you appeals and change one thing and claim it as your own when posting😧

fair few quid invested in seasonings, personally make my own as do a lot of others, recipes shared on here & the web

when trying amended/modified seasoning tend to only change 1 item  or qty & note it for the next time

have a basic rub that can used for 4 obvious rubs

food looks go 

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Yeah I’ve thought about doing my own but I like the variety of what I have and it’s cheap and easy to but. Maybe in time I will. I did make a good sauce which I got from the bbq Pitt boys for my pork shoulder yesterday. 
it was ketchup, hot sauce, chilli flakes, apple cider vinegar, Worcester sauce, salt and brown sugar, very pleased with it. 

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