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Ribs and Rib Tips From A Pork Belly


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I originally bought the Pork belly for curing and streaky bacon, but when I looked at it this morning it looked as if it would end up to small and thin after the ribs were removed, although it was just over 3 kg in weight. So decided to use it for a rack of ribs and some rib tips. 

Needed quite a bit of trimming as what would have been usable for bacon, I didn't fancy it for the ribs. After trimming I was left with a rack just over 1.5kg and rib tips close to 0.85kg 


After applying a homemade rub, put them on the Smokefire on Smokeboost for 90 minutes, then turned it up to 240F for another 3 hours. I coated the tips in Sweet Baby Rays Honey Sauce and wrapped the ribs which I applied 2 tbsp of Brown Sugar a few sticks of butter and honey from my neighbours apiary. I put them all back on the grill for a further 75 minutes



Unwrapped the ribs and applied some Bulls Eye Smoky Bacon Sauce. The rib tips were showing 205F IT and the ribs had a good bend on them, so took them off then



Nice smoke ring and very juicy and full of flavour on tips and ribs and a really good bark on the tips. If I can improve my butchery skills, will buy a full pork belly again to do my own ribs in future,  as there was far more meat on the ribs, than what I normally get from butchers pre-cut



Realise not doing anything new here, but first time I have cut something up from a slab of belly pork to produce tips and ribs and found it worthwhile doing compared to normal store bought prepared ones.

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