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What to do with my old grill

Smoke Bloke

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you could always use it with the kamado to serve full meals that require different temps or direct and indirect?

A couple of suggestions i can think of are;

pulled pork in your weber and pizza in the kamado....with some of that pulled pork for topping.

grilled veg in the weber and a nice meaty pie in the kamado😋 

I would be reluctant to get rid just yet and see if you still have a use for it after a couple of months.....unless space really is limited.

I say this cos im considering getting a mini kamado to be used as a 'support' grill😁


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Keep it. The Weber will find good work doing steaks and quicker cooks. You can get the food much nearer the coals for searing.  You could also pick up a rotisserie kit and use it for that. The best rib-eye roasts and chicken that I've even cooked was on the rotisserie.

Well worth £100 (I have the stainless version if this one)



The Kamado will excel at low and slow.


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19 hours ago, Smoke Bloke said:

I’ve got a rotisserie for my Weber, I was thinking that if I got a Kamado Joe I’d probably get a Joetisserie to go with it. But as I tend to do more fast cooks than slow ones I’m now reconsidering whether to bother to upgrade or not. 

It sounds like the Weber is perfect then. But then again, shiny new toys! 😁

What was the thinking for getting a Kamado?


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