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Full brisket on a pro q frontier


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Thanks for pointing me in the right direction (pardon the pun).

7kg that is a monster!

I think maybe I should try the point or a flat first rather than the full thing. Although that’s a good idea to split them and cook on each level, still worry the flat might be too long for frontier but I guess you can always trim up as necessary.

itching to try a brisket of some sort - 7kg of meat might be excessive for 2 of us tho haha, need a post lockdown bbq desperately.

How did your point come out @sotv?



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It was Ok meat wise, turned out how it should, I went for to much pepper on mine and it spoilt it, for my tastes tbh.

I have had much better success with a chuck roast cut to my size by the butcher. Comes from above the brisket, but tastes just as nice and does good burnt ends as well and goes well in bun hot or cold.

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19 hours ago, ProQFrontier said:

Hi all

Might be a daft question but what are the rough dimensions of a full packer brisket? Aware usually 5-6kg, just wondering on size and whether it’ll fit on a Pro Q Frontier?

Thanks in advance!!

I've done a full packer brisket once on my Pro Q - it was 7kg, and it was a smidgen too big, if I'm honest. Had to roll it round a bit to fit.


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