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Loin of Pork

Gaza the Instructor

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I am sitting here patting a big fat contented old Tum Tum.

3.5kg loin purchased from Costcos for unmpence or £20 to you.

Cut in half then Filleted ie not quite cut through length ways. Rub everywhere,

in out etc, added some Butter and brown sugar along with some Mustard and

Grand Marinara to the middle like the filling in a sarnie. Wrapped it in Bacon

then tied it up.

On the WSM two hand sized chunks of Cherry, 3.35 later it was at 148f so time

for fighting irons at the ready. Oh forgot the baste at 120f  Butter,Colemans

Brown Sugarand YEP Grand Marnier.

Sorry no pics not good with computers my son will teach me. Father In Law who

is 87 was salivating in his chair. Good smoke ring, The bacon on the outside had

formed like a crust, Ok WHY can we not buy Bacon like that, I would kill for it.

End of the day WSM was brill as usual holding steady temp between 230-260f.

4kg brickettes i would rather overdo than under. And a very high quality meal

well up to and above many pro kitchens.

That is easy for me cause the boss is a pro and I don't mean the type that hangs

around street corners, mind you a topless waitress service would be good.🐷

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