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Streaky Bacon


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Got hold of a side of pork belly t'other day....



Did a BJ butchery on it...😉...and finished up taking the ribs out and left plenty of meat on them...2 pieces for streaky, and two slabs for burnt bits.



Set too this morning and started curing the two slabs for streaky..






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My Streaky came out the vac bags this morning, now air drying for a couple of days. Quite please with the results for a first attempt. Thanks for the advise on the way @Icefever

I might take some & cold smoke it, though i'm not overly keen on smoked bacon unless it's a light, slightly sweet flavour. Maple or Beech maybe?


Cheers n Gone Nick

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So here was my first streaky both green & smoked. It was cold smoked with maple for 10 hours then packed & rested for 4 days, then sliced & frozen.

I think I may have forgotten to wash the smoked piece before smoking as it is a bit on the salty side.







I now have 5kg of back curing. 

Thanks for giving the confidence through your videos  & giving me the inspiration to give this a crack Ice

Cheers n Gone Nick



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On 6/11/2020 at 1:25 PM, Skagg2000 said:

I now have 5kg of back curing. 

Sorry Nick I missed this post, looking good & 5kg in the cure,  so much going on at the moment, both life & on the forum.. A little tip that @Wade posted a while back,  I sliced in the beginning, but Wade said that keeping it in blocks was better.  I now cut into blocks that we know we can use in a week or so, vacpac and freeze. I've washed the streaky I'm had in a cure for 9 days, it's now drying in the fridge...the wife wants this batch smoked so looking at Wednesday 🤞.




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