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Had a crack at Hogs Pudding today


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So I've been meaning to do this for a while & finally got round to it today. Hogs pudding is something held close to our hearts in our house, but it has to be right! I'm talking Devon hogs pudding, not white pudding from the Midlands or even Cornish Hogs pudding, it has to be Groats pudding. If it doesn't pop it's not proper. Devon hogs pudding has more oatmeal, no rusk in it, whereas others like over the Tamar are more sausage like with higher meat content. 

They all vary in recipe alot. It's got so expensive buying it from our local butcher i though i'd make my own. Anyhow, it looks good, feels good, smells like it should. The proof will be in the pudding when we have it for breakfast tomorrow along with a fried egg in a bottom oven muffin :)





Pictures of it fried tomorrow.

Cheers n Gone Nick

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So here is the finished result cooked for breakfast this morning.





So whilst some do closely guard their recipes for Hogs Pudding this one was one I found on the internet for a 1938 recipe. It can be found HERE. There are many variations but this one is as true to a proper Devon groats pudding I could find.This recipe is in llb's & oz's & has an error on the salt quantity. I found a metric corrected version HERE

I swapped out the rusk for oatmeal, used tender lion for the lean & back fat. Next time i'd probably add a bit more oatmeal to get more of a pudding consistency rather than meaty sausage & add some more back fat.It's all personal preference though.

The casings are ox runners. These puddings are easier to make than a proper sausage, the mix isn't as critical as with a sausage, hitting the emulsification point to bind the meat & create the right texture, which is something I struggle with when making sausages. The casing being Ox are also really forgiving.


Cheers n Gone NIck




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