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Weber kettle smoking add ons e.g. slow n sear


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there is no need for any add ons on a weber kettle to control temp, temp control is via the bottom vent, mark it on a quarter open, half open, 3quaters etc, then you can monitor temps at each stage till you know what temp you get at each setting, once you figure that you are pretty much sorted.



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You can use a snake set up and water pan to the same effect. Search snake on forum mate as here are lots of posts on this.  This is to low and slo , if you are looking for better control over higher temps, you can add smart fire  or some such regulated fan blower.  Personally I have marked  different spot on lever at bottom of kettle that regulates airflow  and i can make small adjustments from there.  Personally as long as it is in the area that is fine, I think of high, high 230 to 290 c medium 180 to 230 c low 130-180 c heat as zones as per the weber recipe books guidance. If I want lower I do snake set up or use the wsm I have which can go down to 100 to 110 with out much effort


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On 5/28/2020 at 10:13 PM, James111 said:


Has anyone got any experience of using an add on for a weber kettle to help with smoking e.g. a slow n sear or smokeantor?

A friend mentioned they helped with maintaining a consistent temp.



You definitely don't need them. I successfully used the snake method for years of my kettle.


But I did pick up a Slow'N'Sear about 18 months ago and love it. 

It does make temp control and set up easier. The shape of it maintains a 5mm gap around the fuel and the bowl, which is supposed to give an insulating effect so that the wind doesn't cause as much impact. It's also much quicker to set up than a snake.


I pair it with the Drip'N'Roast pan, mainly as a drip pan, but I'm convinced it helps with air control too, as all the air flow is directed through the slow'n'sear.

As I said, you definitely don't need it, but I wouldn't be without mine now. 



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