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Hi, joined a couple of days ago and started 2 threads as I'm looking at doing some smoking. I already have a weber q that I use for a general bbq, which I think is a great piece of kit for a quick munch up, but looking to get into some brisket and ribs cooking. I do really enjoy all types of cooking from all cultures and like to try new things. I also do a lot of pizza making on my ooni koda, which is a great piece of kit. Looking forward to gaining some tips and advice from everyone on here.

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First smoke on the kettle, done minion setup and cooked for 6.5 hours. Meat was 4lb pork butt with bone in. Had a stall around 155f so wrapped in foil, I have got some butchers paper on order for next time. Was pleased how it came out and tasted good, also really happy with the classic kettle. Bought an inkbird dual probe for £25, which also worked great.


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On 5/31/2020 at 6:43 PM, duggyfresh said:

Thanks, not bad for a first attempt. Used the last bits on pizza tonight with a south carolina bbq sauce drizzle. Brisket next weekend.


I wish my pizza's looked like this😋

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