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Hope i get this right (3rd smoke attempt)


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hi all,

So the smoker is coming out tomorrow for my 3rd cook attempt.....  (only a small cook, estimated cook time 90 mins max)

Battleplan:   I bought some weber charcoal (bit the bullet and spent money on good stuff), along with the smoking chips for Poultry.....

I got some nice water filled chicken breasts from tesco, so plan is spray olive oil all over the breasts, then for 2 of the breasts, coat them in Stubbs chicken rub, and for the other 2,  coat them in 'reggae reggae jerk rub'......
I also got 2 pork chops (supermarket cuts, nothing fancy), will apply some bbq rub to those and oil......

Plan:    small amount of charcoal in smoker (bar-be-quick smoker), use chimney then pour coals on, add some soaked weber chips, then get ready to cook...
I'll allow 20 mins for charcoal to burn in the chimney before adding to smoker, then a further 20 mins with bottom vent door open, Lid ON, and top vent open to get up to a high heat (275f - 300f)
So yeah, after 40 mins, i will put the chicken and x2 pork chops on the top grate....
I will use water in the pan, but i will only add a small amount, so hoping to get it right so that the food doesnt dry out too much, but holds the heat (had trouble holding the heat prevoius 2 cooks).....

I'll report back tomorrow when i get the show on the road! :)

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2 hours ago, Kev said:

I just bought the same one, any tips for using it?

it's the same one i got from aldi .. 

it's going to need sealing  Hight temp silicone around all the joints  then where the grates go out the back i cut them off dremel :)

and put 4 bolts thru and sealed the holes ...then round the firebox and cooking area Self Stick Adhesive Gasket 

but yeah works ok. 

some pic's in this post https://www.woodsmokeforum.uk/topic/2894-rolled-brisket/


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Looking forward to updates. People may knock supermarket cuts of meat but they are great especially in the early days when you are learning how to use the smoker. Once you have the smoker down and can replicate cooks it's then worthwhile upgrading to better quality cuts from butchers etc. But again it comes down to each persons budget. 


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So done the weber lumpwood charcoal + weber poultry chips + weber light cubes....
mini minion method, followed by adding air to the fuel pan to generate heat...
Air method = crouching down and blowing until i felt like i was gonna pass out!! ;);) :D:D

After 90 min's of cook (only did small water pan, and didnt top up, i just had tinfoil wrap in the water pan) , i put my cheapo meat therm stick in the top vent, and i had a temp of average, say 105c ..... (started measuring after 1hr cook).....

So took the x4 tesco chicken breasts out + 2 tesco bone-in pork chop , then gave a quick blast on the gas grill (no idea why, just did!), then wrapped in foil, and left on kitchen side for 10 mins or so......

Then sliced, as per the pic's............
I put some of that chicken into a bap, added some sauce, and my god, that flavour is goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!!!!
I felt this 3rd cook of mine was a good cook for only a small amount of food, but still a good cook!

Bar-Be-Quick Smoker = not a bad piece of kit (therm dont work on lid!)
Photo of the coal, is how it was when i was taking the food out......







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