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Koobideh and Flatbreads in the Tandoor


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Mixed minced beef and lamb with Sumac, black pepper, salt, Tumeric, fresh chopped parsley, 1 beaten egg, 1 & 1/4 onion ( minced and strained of liquid) & 3 garlic cloves. (I also added chilli powder to taste).



Roasted some peppers and whole plum tomatoes.


My wife kindly made some fresh flat breads.

D1179D8B-C06B-4250-B260-F860445D03AB.thumb.jpeg.9279751f950acd7b597cb2447f80f720.jpeg 0AF20938-A347-4F45-BC98-C52AA138F7AF.thumb.jpeg.b344cb0d797db1ed483fb205b2969cb9.jpeg

 819B0B0C-1EDC-47C4-840D-6DB22B408DA9.thumb.jpeg.ca243f7929b5f87df20a87b304ed838a.jpeg A7A7C663-40F3-4E0A-8906-D70CF30DD66D.thumb.jpeg.f53a263c2b9e1c4506292567f898d592.jpeg


Cooked then topped the Koobideh with melted clarified butter and Sumac.

4D4D7F39-A737-416B-AF7E-3E61D0AD8B46.thumb.jpeg.fea39ddfed4d7911a9d6306b17151c30.jpeg 002F4DA0-1C3D-49E2-BE05-6710FCCF2961.thumb.jpeg.a478cd4584e5c4064e01970536c5d587.jpeg 862DBEF2-198C-4B81-8C2B-C149D106001F.thumb.jpeg.88b2e1376f41a821b206e8f0165bbe9e.jpeg




Served with homemade Humus topped with olive oil. ( Hummus was eaten with the other flat breads as we pulled them off the tandoor)



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