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Onion Bahjee


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Most folks like a curry, we had a lamb curry last night and most folks like onion Barjee's & Pakora's as well as a load of other side dishes. Found a recipe for making Barjee's were you don't make a batter per sac.

You will need enough Gram Flour, (this can be a problem for now) to cover the veg, then you add whatever spices you fancy and to whatever taste level you like.
Slice up onions into long thin strips...add the onions into the flour/spice mix, and mix around coating the onions. Cover the basin with cling film or a plate, and cover for a few hours.
Eventually, the flour will draw out all the onion juice and leave you with a sticky flour mix...if needed a squirt of lemon juice will be enough to bring the mix together....no water/milk needed

Spoon onto a greased baking tray and put in the oven until cooked.
You can deep fry these too, but we find that a bit greasy.
We tried this last night and it was very successful.



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