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Paella Done On The Grill


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Made a Paella on the Smokefire today, winged it a bit as never done a Paella at varying temps outdoors before, but it worked really well and I know you shouldn't blow your own trumpet. But it was by far the best thing I have cooked on it so far. 😀

Started cooking the thigh fillets whole and the red pepper sliced into quarters at 225F for 40 minutes to get some smoke flavour and char and heated the olive oil in the pan at the same time

IMG_0363.thumb.JPG.1db36a28cc8bc510e46c46f1e0ace0dd.JPG on them


I then cut them into small bite size pieces and added to them to the pan along with some pancetta, turned the Smokefire upto 425F and cooked them off for another 15 minutes, then added 250g of Paella Rice to soak up the juices and oil first for a couple of minutes. I also added a skillet to the top rack and melted some butter, 2 cloves of garlic chopped and some lemon juice for the prawns later. 


The only thing I couldn't do on the grill (as I need to buy a decent cast iron saucepan) so whilst the chicken etc was browning, I boiled 650ml of chicken stock, with 2g  of Paellero Valencian Paella mix and a little more saffron on the hob, then added it to the pan and left it for 30 minutes till all the liquid had dissolved.


I then turned it up to 525F & 10 minutes before the liquid had dissolved and the dish was ready, I added the prawns to the skillet and cooked them both sides for 6-7 minutes


Then added the prawns and some peas for the final 3 minutes. The paella rice was soft and really flavourful and just slightly baked on the bottom and the meat and prawns had a lovely smoky flavour.


I normally add about half a dozen Green Lipped Mussels in shells at the end, but unfortunately none to be found at the moment. 


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