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What did i do wong? Topside of beef


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Hi everyone. 

Been getting into bbquing quite a lot recently, especially given the lock down.

Tried to do a roast topside of beef on the bbq. Followed a weber recipe I found, had 1.7kg of meat. Target temps and times were 200 c and 1.5 hours cooking.

I used two coal baskets to get indirect heat, with a small drip tray full of water in the middle. 

I had 3 probes in the meat at various thick parts and a grill probe to get accurate cooking temps. I was surprised how close the weber lid thermometer was to the actual grill temperature.

I also had a foiled over drip tray with damp wood chips (weber whisky which I presoaked for 30 mins) placed next to the meat on the grill.

I noticed that the meat cooked through at significantly different temps, with a max 14 degree c variation. I was aiming  for medium rare at 56 degrees, so waited until all 3 probes gave that reading. It meant that i had some parts done at 67 when the last part caught up. All probes were at deep points in the meat. I even rotated it half way through cooking to ensure an even cook.

Was surprised to see such huge variation. End result was a dry roast, with one area cooked medium rare. 

Could it be that the foiled over drip tray acted like a heat deflector next to the beef? Any suggestions on what went wrong. Would upload some pics if could figure out how!


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Waiting until all probes show 56 is guaranteed to overcook. Especially for a big piece you need to take it off at about 50~C and allow it to rest. The heat will continue to penetrate (follow-on cooking) and the temp can rise by another 5C, easily. If it's a big hunk of meat wrapping it loosely in grease-proof or butcher paper and letting it rest in a cooler for 30 minutes (or even longer) will allow the follow on cooking to penetrate deeply.


Dont soak the wood chips, all you are doing is reducing the heat of the fire, especially if you chuck them directly on the hot charcoal.

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