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Scallops Cooked 2 Different Ways


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Bought a dozen King Scallops today, to try cooking them on the Smokefire, after cleaning them decided to try 2 different methods of cooking them on my Smokefire.

Wrapped half of them in the bacon and the other half cooked in a lemon garlic butter in a skillet, (Knob of butter, 2 cloves of garlic chopped and half a lemon squeezed into it, once scallops were on)

Both turned out nice, but the lemon garlic butter ones were the best, melt in the mouth full of flavour. (Lidl are doing the large shell on  prawns next week, going to cook them in the butter next week) but all were very edible.

Cooked at 400F till internal temp reached at least 145F they didn't all cook evenly internally a couple went to 155F but none dried out and were still super juicy and cooked all the way through.

12 isn't enough though 😀











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