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aldi offset smoker


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so have one of these on order (https://www.aldi.co.uk/gardenline-charcoal-bbq-smoker/p/011056254784500) .yes it will prob need a seal  but for £59 i thought it was worth a go ..

now atm i have a box bbq with adjustable heat shelf so wanted a cheap upgrade to try and smoke properly 

before spending a few hundred on something nice  or doing a built in 

any thoughts ? 

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48 minutes ago, Smokin Monkey said:

It will be like most budget smokers, will need putting together using high temp sealant and wood stove gaskets around the doors.

would 300 deg c be enough ? for the silicone ... can you suggest a sealant ? got some flat stove rope coming .. 

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hmm the thin metal can't hold the heat well .. it's now been sealed and taped  so no smoke is lost .. 

was thinking of putting clay on the inside .. but will just start saving for something proper .. 

it works ok did a chicken on it the other day as a test 2 1/2 hrs.. but used 1/2 a bag of lumpwood .. 

taste was good still moist .

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so going to try a tray as a baffle as i think the main hole from box to grill is to big ? or get some sheet steel and slot it in .. ?

ive also grabbed another grill and set them higher to allow more air flow to the coals ..hope this will bring better heat .

also a pic of my grill ..3 yrs old now :)  and yes the open part gets covered by tinfoil once the height is set 




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