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Smoked Haddock

Smokin Monkey

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Smoked Haddock.

Ingridients .

Haddock Fillet

Castor Sugar

Fine Table Salt.

Make a mixture of 2 parts Castor Sugar to 1 part Salt. I did 1/2 Cup of Sugar to 1/4 Cup of Salt.


2 to 1 Sugar to Salt


Combined together 


Spread half the mix on the bottom of a tray and lay the fillet on it


Cover the fillet with the remaining cure mix


Cover a place in the fridge for 3 hours


Not a good photo, but the moisture extract is evident


Wash the cure mix off the fillet under cold running water, and return to the

fridge un-covered for at least 2 hours to form a Pecillie


Surface fells tacky to the touch



Cold smoke using Alder chips in the Borniak Smoker for 12 hours


Nice Golden colour on the finished fillet.

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Small Whiting are best hot smoked  and can be done just like herring  or mackerel

Gut and clean the fish. Remove the head and blood line
Soak in a 70% brine solution for 10 minutes
Tie the tails of 2 fish together so that they can be hung in pairs in the smoker
Hang to dry for an hour
Smoke at 60 C for an hour
Raise temperature to 75 C and smoke for another hour

The fish should end up a light golden brown colour and the skin slightly wrinkled.

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32 minutes ago, Smokin Monkey said:

Hi Steve, to make sure a member replies, simply @ then name, @Wade

When I was 10 - 12 yrs old ( and up to 18 yrs old) I had a job in a fishmongers ( you dont see them anymore) and on a daily basis I'd fill a cast iron bath with water and brine all the cod and haddock fillets and at the end of the day I'd put them on the poles and stack them in the smoker, put a few shovel fulls of oak dust at the bottom of it light it and then empty it the following day ( on school holiday that is), learnt so much about fish, cleaning , filleting them, smoking them, skining them along with all other things that go with fishmongering, Oh the old days :) 

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1 hour ago, Steve Harford said:

On a previous post Wade I saw you drying your fish like this. Did you also smoke them like it?


Yes, the haddock I posted I smoked them like that - mainly to demonstrate the easy way to hang them. This is the way they are often smoked commercially too. Hanging them like this reduces the likelihood that they will break apart and fall to the bottom of the smoker.

Usually I use a skewer threaded through the large end of the fillet and hand them from the skewer - but this is more fiddly.

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The answer is both yes and no. Salmon is classed as an oily fish and Haddock is classed as a white fish. You can smoke salmon in a similar way to the way you would smoke haddock to produce a moist fillet/steak that has a smoky flavour, however you cannot smoke haddock in a way that would produce something similar to traditional smoked salmon. It is all down to the oil content of the fish - oily fish contain around 30% oil. When producing traditional smoked salmon you are removing most of the water in the fish fillets but the high oil content keeps it "moist" and gives you the translucent sliceable flesh that you expect. 

Here is a method for smoking Haddock. You do not need to hang it in the same was as shown in the post - it can be placed on wire cooling racks.


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